School Information

Chamberlain Elementary School Mission Statement

The mission of Chamberlain Elementary School is to "Cultivate Unique, Balanced, Successful Students"


Chamberlain Elementary School Belief Statements

We Believe:

  • The school should provide a creative, positive, and safe learning environment where all students will achieve and be college or career ready.
  • It is essential to set high standards for achievement and behavior of students as well as teachers.
  • Students, parents, staff, and the community must work as a partnership to foster learning.
  • Leadership and accountability are keys to success.


Chamberlain Elementary School Goals

Goal 1:     To increase the percentage of students scoring at or above in reading, mathematics, and                 language arts, as mentioned in our strategic plan.

Goal 2:     To create a challenging, supportive educational environment that results in high levels of                 achievement for all students and eliminates the achievement gap.

Goal 3:     To create a physically, socially, and emotionally safe environment which encompasses all                 children and fosters time-on-task.