Student Handbook


Chamberlain Cubs

 Chamberlain Elementary School

4901 Venable Avenue

Charleston, WV  25304

Phone:  (304) 348-1969

Student/Parent Handbook







Dear Parents,


Welcome to Chamberlain Elementary! We are excited to have the opportunity to work together with your family as we teach your children and guide them through what we hope will be a very successful school year.


The staff would like to encourage you to be involved in your children’s experience here at Chamberlain Elementary by being familiar with staff members, visiting the school, attending events throughout the year, volunteering for special programs and joining the HSA (Home School Association-our parent volunteer group).


This handbook will answer common questions that parents often have. It will be easily available online, in the sign in/out book at school, and a condensed version sent home with students so that you can refer to it often this school year.  Please read through the information, as your child will be held to the standards described inside this handbook.


The office at Chamberlain Elementary is always open and we encourage you to stop in or call 304-348-1969 to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.


We look forward to working with you,

Phoebe McCloud, Principal           



While this handbook relates specifically to Chamberlain Elementary students, please watch for the KCS Handbook, which will be sent home.  It contains important information that affects all Kanawha County Students. The county handbook can also be accessed online at hhtp:// under the blue “Parents and Family” tab.



Vision Statement



Cultivates Unique Balanced Successful students







Staff Directory


Phoebe McCloud, Principal
Rhonda Dawson, Secretary
Laura Miller, Kindergarten Teacher
Sandra Fields, K Aide
Joyce Walsh, Kindergarten Teacher
Krista Chapman, K Aide
Lindsay Beckett, First Grade Teacher
Ellen Milam, First Grade Teacher
Megan Johnson, Second Grade Teacher
Kris Blair, Second Grade Teacher
Eva Phillips, Third Grade Teacher
vacant, Third Grade Teacher
Linda Edwards, Fourth Grade Teacher
Rachel Gund, Fourth/Fifth Grade Teacher
Tommy Ross, Fifth Grade Teacher

Lisa Austin, Resource Teacher

Amanda Ross, Counselor
 Leah Keeney, Technology Teacher
Alex Cook, Math Interventionist
Jamil Waugh, Reading Interventionist
Melissa Francis, Speech Therapist
Whit Keadle, P.E. Teacher
Terri Taylor, Music Teacher
Ian Jessee, Strings Teacher
Christi Carrier, Art Teacher

Deborah Frederick, ESL Teacher

Elizabeth Schramm, Nurse
  Kim Graley, Social Worker

Angela McManus, Dental Hygienist

Terry England, Custodian

  Richard Mullins, Custodian
Donna Crowder, Cook
Trena Kinison, Cook



Attendance is vital to your child’s success in school. We encourage parents to please make all appointments during after-school hours or on days when school is not in session.

  • Your child is expected to bring a doctor’s excuse or parent note for every absence, including being checked out early, since instruction does not end until the dismissal bell.
  • Notes should include the date and reason for the absence. A maximum of 5 absences a year may be excused with a parent note. ALL others must have a doctor’s excuse.
  • Students are expected to be in their seats and ready to work at 8:00.
  • If your child arrives after 8:00, an adult MUST walk them to the office and sign them in.
  • Ten (10) tardies and/or early checkouts will result in a phone call or meeting with the Principal and the Student Assistance Team.
  • If your child has ten (10) unexcused absences, it will be reported to the attendance director.
  • If your child misses 90 minutes of instruction, they will be counted as being absent ½ day.
  • If your child is absent, they are expected to complete make up work promptly. Teachers cannot always be expected to gather make up work during the busy instructional day. It may be that the work is given when the child returns. The number of days allowed to make up the work will be the same number of days absent. (Ex.- If your child missed 2 days, they will have 2 days to complete the make up work.)




7:30                            Doors open to students

7:30-8:00                   Breakfast served

7:45                           First bell/Students may enter classrooms

8:00                            Tardy bell/Instruction begins

11:10-11:40               Kindergarten Lunch

11:15-11:45               1st Grade lunch

11:20-11:50               2nd Grade Lunch

12:00-12:30               3rd Grade lunch

12:05-12:35               4th Grade Lunch

12:10-12:40               4/5th split and 5th Grade Lunch

2:50                            Dismissal



Every child MUST have an emergency card on file in the main office. We must have a contact number in order to contact parents or guardians at all times during every school day. ALL numbers MUST be in working order and updated as needed. Please use this card to list ANY adult who has your permission to pick your child up from school. If the person’s name is not on this card, they will NOT be permitted to leave with your child unless we are notified otherwise.




If a legal situation or custody agreement results in any person being prevented from having access to a child or their records, legal documents MUST BE ON FILE in the office. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school and require court ordered documents. These documents must be updated and resubmitted EVERY school year. Please make sure your child’s emergency card indicates this legal order.


Morning Arrival Procedure 

  • Arrival & breakfast is from 7:30-8:00 a.m.
  • Students begin entering the classrooms at 7:45 to unpack and begin morning assignments/activities.
  • The tardy bell will ring at 8:00 a.m.
  • Students should be dropped off in front of the school.  Please make sure your vehicle is facing the direction going toward 49th  This will make it possible for your child to exit the vehicle on the side of the sidewalk.  We want to avoid having children cross the street to enter the school.  It is not necessary to wait until you are in front of the school to let your child out of the vehicle.  As long as you are in front of the school (along the sidewalk), you can exit cars as far as 6 vehicles back.
  • Any student arriving after 8:00 a.m. must be signed in at the office by an adult.


Afternoon Dismissal Procedure


The dismissal bell rings at 2:50 p.m.

  • Car riders go to the cafeteria area and are dismissed first. Parents in cars line up on Venable facing 49th  Please do not park in the block (48th) across from the school.
  • DO NOT BEGIN TO LINE UP IN FRONT UNTIL 2:30 P.M. (per Charleston Police Department)
  • Bus riders will wait in the hall until their bus arrives.  Then, they will exit from the side of the school.
  • Walkers will be dismissed after all car riders are gone (around 3:00 p.m.), and will exit at the gate down by the cafeteria.




Arriving to school on time teaches responsibility and consideration of others. When your child arrives late, they must enter the room after the class has received instructions for the day, causing the teacher to repeat themselves. This causes disruption for the office, the teacher, and the entire class. Please make every effort to have your child at school on time.

  • ALL students who are not in their seats, ready to work by 8:00 are considered tardy. Any student arriving after 8:00 must be brought to the office by an adult. Please do NOT allow your child to walk in alone after 8:00.
  • When a student reaches 10 tardies, or early check outs (or a combination of both) a meeting with the principal will be held. The SAT team may also be involved.
  • If you must check your child out early, please request to do so in the office, then sign them out in the book by the door. Reminder- Only those listed on the emergency card will be permitted to check out the student unless otherwise instructed.
  • We ask that you not check your child out after 2:30. After that time, the teachers are reviewing their day, explaining homework and making final preparations for dismissal. It is a very busy time.



  • Students must have written permission to ride a different bus, change bus stops or ride home with a classmate.
  • Students will not be permitted to call home in order to change their normal, daily routine.
  • Students must report home immediately after getting of the bus.
  • No glass vases or balloons will be permitted on the bus.
  • Inappropriate behavior to or from school can result in suspension from the bus.
  • If you change your child’s routine unexpectedly, you must call the school BEFORE 2:30 to ensure your child gets the notice. It is very difficult to relay information at the end of the day.


Discrimination Prohibited

As required by federal laws and regulations, the Kanawha County Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of sex, color, religion, disability, marital status, age, or national origin in it’s employment practices or in the administration of its’ programs and activities.  Inquiries may be directed to Jean Ann Herscher, Title IX Coordinator, Kanawha County Board of Education, 200 Elizabeth Street, Charleston, WV  25311-2119, phone 348-1344:  to the Section 504 Coordinator,  Kanawha County Board of Education, 200 Elizabeth Street, Charleston, WV  25311-2119, phone 348-1366; to Elimination of Sex Discrimination Program Coordinator, 558-7864; or the U.S. Department of Education’s Director of the Office for Civil Rights (215) 656-8541.


Safe Schools

Administrators, staff, parents, students, and the community all share the responsibility of keeping our schools safe.  Learning cannot take place in a culture of fear.  Children have the right to be educated in a safe environment.

At Chamberlain Elementary, all outside doors are locked to prevent unwelcome intruders. All visitors must report directly to the school office and sign in.  If an unsafe situation, person or threat is detected, the Chamberlain Safe Schools Plan will be enacted. If you have concerns about your child’s safety, please feel free to share your concerns with the LSIC or principal.



Parents will receive home, work, or cell phone messages to communicate important information. It is important that phone numbers be current so that you may receive this notification.  Please update the school’s office with information as it changes (phone numbers, addresses, etc.).


Shelter in Place/Lockdown/Evacuation

There are three different types of security measures to protect the students and staff from a threat. The type of situation will determine the steps taken.

  • SHELTER IN PLACE- EVERYONE in the building will gather in a designated area. Windows and doors will be sealed. No one will be permitted in or out of the building.
  • LOCKDOWN- Staff and students will remain in a locked room, which will not be unlocked for anyone.  Or, if escape is the best option, staff will lead students in doing this.
  • EVACUATION- Staff and students will exit the building and remain in a common meeting place.



Student and staff safety is of upmost importance at Chamberlain Elementary. The following procedures will be followed to ensure the safety of both children and adults…

  • ALL visitors must report to the office immediately after entering the building BEFORE visiting ANY part of the building.
  • When picking a child up early, an adult, whose name appears on the child’s emergency card, must sign them out in the office and wait in the office or the front hall for the child.
  • Visitors will use the front entrance ONLY.
  • DRILLS- A minimum of 4 lockdown drills (one of which must be evaluated by law enforcement), 2 shelter in place drills and 10 fire drills will be held during each school year.



Emergency School Closings/Early Dismissals

When school is dismissed early due to an emergency, parents will be notified via TV, radio, PARENTLINK calls, and Remind 101 texts.

  • Please complete and return the EMERGENCY DISMISSAL form explaining your child’s transportation arrangements in the event of an emergency.
  • This form does NOT refer to the planned monthly early dismissals.



School Closing Report

Information about the closing of Kanawha County Schools for weather or other reasons will be communicated by radio, television stations, automated phone calls and Remind 101 texts.


When schools are closed for the day (or when schools are closed early) all regular classes, extra-curricular activities, vocational education, and community education classes scheduled for the morning or evening will be cancelled.





Students must meet specific guidelines in attendance, behavior and work ethic in order to earn field trips. Students who do not meet these expectations may be excluded from any field trip as determined by the classroom teacher and the principal.

The student must…

…display appropriate, respectful and safe behavior both in school and when on a school bus as outlined in KCS Code of Conduct.

…maintain acceptable work habits in the classroom.

…exhibit self-control at all times.

…attend school faithfully and adhere to KCS attendance policy.


All permission slips and forms must be turned in to the office in a timely manner. Students will not be permitted to call home and ask permission to attend a field trip. School-based staff will be the sole chaperones for field trips unless otherwise noted. When noted, parents will be asked to attend.


Home School Association

Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved with the school by joining our parent organization.  Local home-school associations may be organized and shall be considered as auxiliaries to the public schools.  Local associations shall be permitted to hold regular meetings in the school buildings.  The following schedule shall be observed in scheduling regular meetings: senior high school/1st-7th of month; junior high school/8th-14th of month; elementary school/15th-21st of month.  Teachers are encouraged to attend these meetings.

*Officers for Chamberlain’s Home School Association will be elected at the end of the year HSA meeting.


Local School Improvement Council

The Local School Improvement Council is made up of the following members:  three parent representatives who are elected by a parent group; three teachers who are elected by Faculty Senate; and two service representatives who are elected by the service staff; a business representative, and community representative who are appointed by the principal.


The purpose of the Local School Improvement Council is to:

*Encourage the involvement of parents and guardians in their child’s educational process and in the school;

*Encourage businesses to provide time for their employees who are parents, guardians, or custodians to meet with teachers concerning their child’s education;

*Encourage advice and suggestions from the business community;

*Encourage school volunteer programs and mentorship programs; and

*Foster utilization of the school facilities and grounds for public community activities.




Parental involvement is an important part of your child’s success. We encourage you to stay informed and involved. There will be many opportunities for you to participate throughout the school year.

  • HSA
  • LSIC
  • Homeroom Parents
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Teacher conferences
  • SAT meetings
  • Parent/Teacher/Student conferences
  • Informal meetings
  • School beautification projects
  • Muffins with Mom/Donuts with Dad
  • Various programs and performances

Remember, you are welcome to schedule a meeting with the principal, counselor or teachers at any time.



You will be called to pick your child up from school if…

…they have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher.

…they have vomited.

…they have head lice.

…their eyes are red and have drainage.

…they have a rash.

…there is an injury or situation about which we determine the parents should be notified.


Physician’s Order

No medication, either prescription or non-prescription medication, shall be administered at school except by written order and dosage instructions from the student’s physician. If the administration of medication is scheduled for a period in excess of 21 days, Form ECMa-1 must be completed by the student’s physician and filed with the school. If the administration of medication is scheduled for a period of 21 days or less, an order from the student’s physician and a note of permission from the parent/guardian must be submitted to the school. Standing orders from the Kanawha County Schools Medical Consultant will allow the administration of a very limited list of predetermined nonprescription medications to be given for a period of up to three days with specific written instructions from the parents. No other medications will be administered without an order from a licensed healthcare provider with prescriptive privileges.

  • Prescription medication must be labeled clearly and accurately by a pharmacist or physician.
  • Non-prescription medications must be delivered to school in the manufacturer’s container, clearly labeled with the student’s name.
  • All medication must be stored in a locked cabinet located in a suitable area designated by the principal. Medications that are needed for immediate emergency use in a life-threatening situation only may be carried on the student’s person, if there is a physician’s order explaining the necessity to have the medication available immediately, and an assessment by the school nurse verifies that this can be safely done.
  • No medication, prescription or non-prescription, will be kept in a student’s backpack, classroom or on their person.


School Psychologist

Kanawha County Schools provides psychological services to children who are experiencing academic difficulties and are in need of a thorough evaluation. Parental permission is required for any testing.  Psychologist additionally offers consultation to students and parents upon request.


Speech Therapy

A qualified speech therapist works with those pupils in need.  Services for both articulation and communication development are available.  Areas stressed in class include auditory processing or listening skills, word finding skills, vocabulary enrichment, abstract language, verbal reasoning skills, syntax, grammar, and fluency.  A primary objective is to improve motivation and attitude and to encourage growth in communication skills.



Chamberlain staff members will dress in a professional manner as positive role models for students and will enforce the following dress code policy for students:

  • No hats or hoods will be worn inside the building (unless permission is given for “hat day”).
  • No undergarments, or undergarment straps, should be exposed.
  • Shorts and skirts must reach mid-thigh.
  • All tank tops must have straps that cover the top of the shoulder. Shirts with thin straps will NOT be permitted.
  • We encourage all students to wear tennis shoes everyday to prevent injury, but this is not required.
  • All sandals must have a strap around the heel to keep the shoe on. No flip-flops or slides will be permitted. These types of shoes often come off the foot, causing students to fall.
  • Pajamas are NOT to be worn to school, except on designated days.
  • All private areas of the body must be appropriately covered, as determined by the staff.

If a student’s clothing is found to be inappropriate, parents may be called to bring a change of clothes, we may provide clean, alternative clothing or the student may be asked to turn shirts inside out to hide offensive graphics or language.

No clothing will be permitted that…

  • …creates a disruption in the learning process of other students.
  • …has weapons, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or racial/sexual references.
  • …has holes which expose any skin above the knee or on the torso.
  • …leaves the stomach area exposed.

Chamberlain Elementary students are expected to dress in a manner that displays self-respect and reasonable modesty. We believe in teaching the students to dress appropriately for a professional learning environment.


Students who bring cell phones, personal electronic tablets, or other types of technology must leave them OFF and in a designated area the entire school day.

Students are not permitted to take pictures or video while at school.

Individual staff members may grant permission to make exceptions to these rules as part of an assignment or activity.


Kanawha County Schools Grading Scale


A Excellent 93-100
B Above Average 85-92
C Average 75-84
D Below Average 65-74
E Unsatisfactory Below 65
S Satisfactory -
N Needs Improvement -
- Not Evaluated -


Telephone Usage

Except in the case of an emergency, students will not be permitted to use the school telephone.   Also, we do not call students out of class to talk on the phone.  We will relay any emergency messages to the student.


Make snow day plans ahead of time with your child.  It is not possible to allow each child to phone home for instructions.  Discuss the plan in advance with your child.


In addition, students are not allowed to be on cell phones in school without specific permission. This includes talking, texting, social media, taking pictures and video. If a student is caught on a cell phone without permission, it will be taken and returned only to a parent or guardian.







Adult Lunch               $4.25       Adult Breakfast               $3.25

Milk, Juice, or Water $  .35 (cash only)


Breakfast is served from 7:30am to 8:00am.  Students who plan to eat breakfast should arrive between 7:30 and 8:00 am.


Lunch is served from 11:10-12:40 for various classrooms. Students who bring a bag lunch may purchase milk or juice to drink with their lunch for 35 cents. It is cash only.


Parents are welcome to have lunch in the school cafeteria by calling the school any morning before 9:00am and must pay cash for their meal, if eating.


Birthday Lunches

The date for each month’s Birthday Lunch will be posted on our website:, on Facebook @Chamberlain Elementary School, and on our menu. If you would like to eat lunch with your child, you must make a reservation with the office the Monday immediately before the luncheon.  Birthday parties for pupils are not permitted in the classroom.


Party Regulations

Chamberlain Elementary is allowed to dedicate instructional time to ONLY 2 parties per school year. These parties will be determined by our HSA. Families may send food and beverage items for those 2 parties that are commercially packaged or sealed and meet the WVDE nutrition policy.  For more information, you may access the WVDE web site.







Homework is an important learning activity. Homework is intended to increase student understanding of a subject.  It provides preparation, review, practice, and mastery of skills. Each teacher determines the frequency and amount of homework.


Following is the Kanawha County Board of Education expected time allotments:


Kindergarten 15 minutes daily
First  through  Third 30 minutes daily
Fourth through Sixth 1 hour daily
Seventh through Ninth 1.5 hours daily
Tenth through Twelve 2 hours daily


Student Assignment Book


Each student in grades 2 – 5 will receive, and be required to keep, an assignment book. Grades Kindergarten – 1st grade will have a Homework Folder.  Daily class assignments are required to be kept in this book. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the assignment books before dismissal each day. Students will be instructed in how to organize their assignment books and record homework each day Parents should check and sign the book or folder each evening.


Textbooks, Computer, iPads

Students are expected to handle school materials and equipment with care and respect. Students will be held responsible for any damage done to textbooks, computer and iPads as a result of negligent behavior.


Bikes and Skateboards

Students who ride bikes to school will park them in the bike rack behind the school.  Skateboards are not allowed at school.


Change of Address

If you change your address or telephone number, report that change to the office as soon as possible.  Any other changes, such as parent or guardian name, parent or guardian workplace or telephone number should also be reported to the school so that there is accurate information in case of an emergency.


Visitation at School

The Kanawha County Board of Education encourages parental visits at school.  In order for the visit not to disrupt the instructional day, please follow the guidelines below:


  1. Call the school to make an appointment to discuss a problem with your child’s teacher.
  2. Report to the office upon entering the building to sign in and receive a “Visitor’s Pass”.  If you do not have a visitor’s pass you will be asked to go back to the office and get one.
  3. Any requested meeting may be denied if the safety, welfare, and orderly instruction of students or staff would be jeopardized.  For example, if a visitor appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if he/she manifests abnormal behavior or cursing, denial of access to the school would be appropriate.  If after being asked to leave the guest refuses, then the Police Department will be called.


All parents are welcome to visit classrooms for observation purposes at any time provided an appointment has been made or they report to the principal first.  Your cooperation in carrying out these procedures will result in better use of instructional time and less classroom disruptions.



Invitations to parties can only be handed out at school if there is one for every student in the class. Or, if your child is a girl all girls are invited and if your child is a boy, all boys are invited.  Dr. Duerring must approve all handouts for events hosted by outside organizations.


Healthy Snack Choices that meet WV Dept. of Education Policy Guidelines


Beverages:                                                                  Dairy:

  • Water                                                               -Low-fat yogurt
  • 100% Juice                                                      -Cheese cubes
  • Low-fat or skim milk                                       -String cheese

(white or flavored)

  • Low-fat yogurt smoothie
  • Low-fat or skim milk (white or flavored)


Crispy Snacks:

  • Whole grain (limit to one ounce portions or smaller)

The following items may be allowable but check labels to be certain.

(Check tips below right for calorie/restrictions)

  • Baked chips
  • Pretzels (unsalted)
  • Graham or animal crackers
  • Air-popped popcorn
  • Rice cakes




  • Apple Slices
  • Bananas
  • Box of raisins
  • Carrots or cucumbers with dips
  • Celery sticks
  • Melons
  • Apple sauce
  • Strawberries or blueberries
  • Orange sections
  • Sliced colored peppers
  • Frozen grapes or pineapple chunks
  • Assorted dried fruit


Tips to make it easy:

  • Buy pre-packages, snack-size portions
  • Canned or frozen fruits and vegetables are a healthy, low-cost alternative that need little or no preparation
  • Shop for fruits and vegetables that are in season
  • Serve snacks with no more than 200 calories per product/package
  • Limit total to no more than 35% of calories and saturated fat to less than 10% of total calories per product/package except for nuts, seeds, or cheese.

Code of Conduct for West Virginia Students

Students in West Virginia public schools, in order to have the opportunity to reach their potential, shall:


  1. Attend school faithfully; complete assignments on time and work to his or her full potential.
  2. Behave in a manner that does not disrupt classroom learning or the operation of the school.
  3. Obey teachers, principals, and others in authority.
  4. Refrain from aggressive or threatening behavior toward fellow students, and school staff.
  5. Refrain from the possession or use of any weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products.

Annual Parent Notice of

Right to Request Teacher and Paraprofessional Qualifications


Our school receives federal funds for Title I programs that are part of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001.


Under NCLB, you have the right to request information regarding the professional qualifications of your child’s classroom teacher(s), and qualifications of instructional aides or paraprofessionals.


You have the right to know:


  1. Whether or not the teacher has met West Virginia’s licensure and certification requirements for the grade levels and subject areas in which instruction is required by the teacher;


  1. Whether the teacher is teaching under an emergency or other provisional status through which state licensing requirements have been waived;


  1. The college major and any other graduate certification or degree held by the teacher, and the field of discipline of the certification or degree; and,


  1. Whether your child is provided services by aides/paraprofessional, and if so, their qualifications.


Please contact your school principal or the Kanawha County Schools Office of Human Resources at the phone number below if you would like to request any information pertaining to any of the above.


Kanawha County Board of Education

200 Elizabeth Street

Charleston, West Virginia 25311

Phone 304-348-7712











Authority of Teachers (State Code 18A-5-1)

The teacher shall stand in the place of the parent or guardian in exercising authority over the school, and shall have control of all pupils enrolled in the school from the time they reach the school until they have returned to their respective homes.


Fighting is prohibited and will not be tolerated. When a fight occurs, all parties who show active aggression will be suspended.


Chamberlain Elementary’s Definition of Violence:

Violence is any mean word, look, sign, or act that hurts a person’s body, feelings or things.